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Would you like to receive an email when new answers and questions are posted? Please enter your email address. Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 Manual. Get this manual by email Other manuals of this product. Chapter 6: Creating Discs. T o edit an existing. Click on the Create. Menu button to c reate a new menu temp late fro m scratch.

Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Cyberlink PowerDirector 9. Can’t find the answer to your question in the manual?

Is your question not listed? Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 manual. Page: 1. User manual View the manual for the Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 here, for free. Need help? Ask a question. Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 specifications Below you will find the product specifications and the manual specifications of the Cyberlink PowerDirector 9.

Is the manual of the Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 available in English? Again, so that you can see what you will have to deal with, this is the most recent correspondence from CyberLink regarding porblems with my trying to get just access to my PowerDirector program, all because I tried to update that program. They state they can’t find my proof of purchase my purchase of PowerDirector 9 because I didn’t purchase from them.

They seem to be able to contact me continually trying to sell upgrades to this specific program. This is a more subtle point but even more important. I am having the same problem with the PhotoDirector program and I did purchase that product directly from CyberLink and they couldn’t find that proof of purchase either.

Sort by. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars. Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. From the United States.

Verified Purchase. Showing 0 comments. There was a problem loading comments right now. The Suburban Experimentalist. I don’t claim to be a video expert in the least.

However, I find this video editing software pretty easy to use. There is no way I have used all of the features, but the ones I have used have worked pretty well. The program is pretty intuitive to use, which is important for a newb like me. I have experience with one other video editing software, which is Pinnicle from years ago. This software required a separate fire wire card at the time, because USB 2. Many complained about that program, but I never had problems with it.

Of course, I wasn’t trying to really make edited movies with it. Only rendering the straight video out of my Sony handycam. I tried watching some of the tutorials online on youtube, but I found them way too boring to tolerate. Luckily, the software is easy enough to use that I haven’t had to. The one issue I have come across so far, is that you need to edit your audio tracks in a different screen.

I would really like the ability to trim audio tracks in reference to the size of the video track. Instead, you have to click on Wave Editor which opens up, and closes the video editing window. So you have to basically guess at what length you want. I have tried to count the video size, as it has a time rule at the top of the tracks view, and then try to edit the audio appropriately but it is a real pain to do the math, and really hard to see an accurate time frame, even if you stretch the tracks out.

So, I would like to be able to clop and manipulate audio tracks in the same window as the video editing screen. I would like to be able to place a marker on the tracks and just end them where I want to on that screen, and also adjust volume and stuff. One other issue I have had, and I am not sure this is an issue with the software, is that my voice overs sound muddy. I am not sure if it is the mic I bought, my sound card, my settings of either the software, or the sound card mic input.

I have turned the mic input all the way up, and the recordings sound hollow, and low volume. It does not sound like saturation clipping to me, but maybe. I will try turning the mic input back down, but that will make the low amplitude problem worse. I have a slow computer, so the program stutters a little while editing, but luckily, I can still manage. I have an HP Slimline computer. I think it is a or something. It is a mini tower. It has the max it can hold for ram which is 2 gig, and an Nvidia internal video card LE, or something that shares mother board memory.

When I get some more money, I will upgrade with a faster computer, with more ram, and a 64 bit operating system. For now though, it works for me, although very slowly If you want to see some videos I have edited with it, no matter how amateur they might be You can go to youtube and type «themarkfellows» into the search feature. I hope this helps, and if anyone has any suggestions about the audio, or any other point in this review, please feel free to add comments! Mark :.

I have been trying my hand at video editing for a while, and I am not a Mac user, so I needed something cheap, powerful, fast but for Windows. I think I got a steal! Whatever, you do, get the bit.

I own a copy of NCH as well as Corel, and this is definitely better. So kudos to the QA team. I have a i-7 bit machine, and it actually is able to use the bits. I have not yet experienced a crash.

I am told it has phone support, but it costs money. Complicated SW needs some ramp up time – so make sure you read the manual. I have used a number of programs in the past mainly on vista and xp systems , Ulead’s Video Studio program as well as Premiere Elements by Adobe. When I upgraded my system recently to a faster processor and higher memory, as well as a system that uses Window’s 7, I went with Powerdirector 9. My experience has been mainly positive. I had no difficulty installing the software, it started up easily enough and the interface was reasonably inuitive — actually, easier to understand in the beginning than premiere elements was.

How much of that is due to my new system quite quick with 6 core AMD processor and 8 GB of memory and how much is due to the fact that PowerDirector is able to operate in 64 bits versus 32 bits for most of the other software packages I have used is hard to say. I have not had it lock up or crash on me to this point used for about a month.

The biggest things that I dislike about PowerDirector 9 have to do with the library. You can up load media files into the library, but they do not stay there, unless you actually save your production to disk.

You cannot rename video files or organize them otherwise within the program. Basically, you are limited to organizing by name or by date. I would much prefer a program with a more robust organizing system that would allow more precise organization of files. Over all, I have found the program easy to use and with the speed at which it operates, I will continue to use it, despite my quibbles with it. Edit: Just wanted to give my experience after using Powerdirector for several months now.

I am still quite happy with the program. I have had no crashes or problems. I have burned multiple disks, both blu ray and regular DVDs without problem. To burn a blu ray disk with a little over an hour of footage on it take about an hour to render. Burning of course depends on the speed of the disks that you use. Better just to edit it all yourself the old-fashioned way.

After using Pinnacle Studio v. I had also used Adobe Premiere in the past. I wanted something with an interface similar to Pinnacle Studio’s workflow-themed tabs. Before I blindly upgraded to the latest version of that product, I reviewed what was out there.

When I saw that Powerdirector 9 was designed for bit systems, all I needed to see were some good reviews of the product, and I was sold. The interface still took a little getting used to, but it wasn’t a huge hurdle to overcome. I like it, and am satisfied with my purchase.

One small problem I had was with the DVD menus, or sub-menus to be precise. When I selected another main menu other than the default, the sub-menus did not change – they were still in the style of the default main menu for those familiar with it, it’s the red «Movie Marquee»-style menu.



Cyberlink powerdirector 9 manual free


The terms and conditions here under shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Taiwan. PhotoDirector is a registered trademark along with other company and product names mentioned in this publication, used for identification purposes and remain the exclusive property of their respective owners.

System Requirements File Formats. Photos into the Library. During Import. Videos Video-to-Photo. Video File Formats. TrueTheater Adjustments. Capturing Video Frames as New Photos. Create Panorama from Video.

Capture Settings. PhotoDirector Workspace. Photo Library Faces in Photos. Photo Browser Photo Viewer View Mode. Viewer Display Mode. Viewer Toolbar. Cloud Projects. Photos to Black and White. Exposed Areas. Adjustment Tools.

Adjustment Selection. Adjustment Options. Using Adjustment Presets from DirectorZone. Presets from CyberLink Cloud. Custom Presets. Presets on Photos. Photo Editor. Little Planet Photos. Aware Removal. Aware Move. Watermark Templates. New Frames and Watermarks. Express Templates. Photo Layer. Layer Opacity.

Shadows and Borders. Area Tool. Layers Projects. Photo Slideshows. Slideshow Videos on YouTube. Animated GIFs. Motion Stills. Photo Export. Photos to Facebook. Animated GIFs to Facebook. Photos to Flickr. Up Photos on CyberLink Cloud.

Photos to DirectorZone. Watermarks to Printed Photos. File Handling Program Preferences. Cloud Preferences. Acceleration Preferences. Contacting Technical Support. Web Support Help Resources This chapter introduces CyberLink PhotoDirector and provides an overview of all its features. It also outlines the system requirements for installing and using the program.

Note : this document is for reference and informational use only. Its content and the corresponding program are subject to change without notice. Welcome to the CyberLink family of digital media tools. CyberLink PhotoDirector is a photography program that lets you manage, adjust, and edit your digital photos, or create new ones using layers. You can then share your photos on Facebook or Flickr, use them in slideshows, produce slideshow videos you can upload to YouTube, and much more.

This section outlines some of the latest features within the CyberLink PhotoDirector program. Produce classic animated GIFs quickly from your imported photos. Check the version. Check the version table. DirectorZone is a free web service that lets you search for and download color presets and lens profiles created by other users of CyberLink PhotoDirector. See DirectorZone Preferences for more information. Also, be sure to periodically click the button to check out the latest.

Photo Gallery on DirectorZone. Just click in one of these sections in the Notifications window to view the bulletin or download these templates. CyberLink Cloud is a cloud storage service from CyberLink where users can upload and download their presets, PhotoDirector projects, exported photos, and more. CyberLink Cloud allows users to back up media, preferences, projects, etc. Note : CyberLink Cloud is a subscription cloud storage service that is included with some CyberLink products, and is available for purchase through our web site.

The features that are available in CyberLink PhotoDirector are completely dependent on the version you have installed on your computer. PhotoDirector Live is a subscription based version of CyberLink PhotoDirector that provides all the photo adjustment features you expect, and adds the CyberLink Cloud storage service and more.

All the advanced photo adjustment and editing features of the Ultra version of CyberLink PhotoDirector. The ability to back up program preferences, projects, and presets on the cloud storage space CyberLink Cloud. PhotoDirector Live is the must-have solution for on-the-go photo editors who want easy access to their media and the latest up-to-date photo editing technologies.

Software upgrades and updates patches are periodically available from CyberLink. CyberLink PhotoDirector automatically prompts you when either is available. Note : you can prevent CyberLink PhotoDirector from auto checking for. Click the button to open the Notifications window.

Check the New Updates and Upgrade Info sections. Select an item in these sections to open your web browser, where you can purchase product upgrades or download the latest patch update. Note : you must connect to the Internet to use this feature. The system requirements listed below are recommended as minimums for using the CyberLink PhotoDirector program. The first step when using CyberLink PhotoDirector is to import your photos into the program. CyberLink PhotoDirector supports the following photo file formats for importing:.

PhotoDirector layers project files. See Layers for more information. You can import photos into CyberLink PhotoDirector from your computer’s hard drive, a digital camera, and also from removable devices, such as memory cards and portable hard drives. Click on Library , and then on the Import button at the bottom of the library panel.


Cyberlink powerdirector 9 manual free

Cyberlink PowerDirector 9 Manual ; The Menu Designer* lets you completely customize disc menus. To edit an existing ; disc menu, click on the menu template on the. We provide free online pdf manuals and support information for Cyberlink software: PowerBackup, PowerDirector, PowerDVD, PowerProducer, PresenterLink+. CyberLink PowerDirector is a digital video editing program that lets you create professional-looking videos and photo slideshows, complete with music, voice-.

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