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We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. Module 1 Lead-in p. Reading 1 p. Inspired by the sunny weather, I decided to explore the woods. So, they fund the films. Listening 2 p. Then, paragraph 3. Otherwise good. Otherwise both OK though neither of them expert proficiency answer key pdf free download any particularly advanced vocabulary.

Discourse management: Good use of phrases for agreeing and disagreeing. Generally reasonable use of turn-taking. Interactive communication: Luisa OK but still hesitant in the beginning. However, when Max was getting carried away, she virtually took over and started taking a proper turn.

Language development 2 p. Text 2: People go to concerts to experience the atmosphere and share passion for music with others; Also hope something unusual will happen.

They look at different aspects of music as entertainment. Text 1 looks at the impact developments in illegal downloading of music have had, while text 2 examines the enduring popularity of live concerts.

Furthermore, no xd for windows 10 64 free how sophisticated the technology becomes, it cannot hope expert proficiency answer key pdf free download replace the feeling of charged emotions involved in being at a live performance.

Whereas one considers the way that people obtain music is changing, the other considers the continuing popularity of live music events. The first text rejects that idea that sharing music online is having a expert proficiency answer key pdf free download effect on the music industry and that it is in fact a good way for up and coming bands to reach wider audiences and that by distributing their music at no cost they can become popular.

It points out that we can expert proficiency answer key pdf free download choose from a greater variety of artists and music types and so everyone’s interests can be met.

While I agree with this point to a certain extent, and that they might help new bands, we cannot ignore the fact that a large percentage of music downloads are done illegally and are of no benefit to the established artists who recorded them. The second text asks why the discomfort of hearing live music remains popular in the era expert proficiency answer key pdf free download high quality recording and suggests that it is more about the shared physical experience and bonding with likeminded fans than it is about the music.

However it also points expert proficiency answer key pdf free download that live gigs offer the chance to hear familiar songs, sometimes in new ways and therefore have a variety that recorded music lacks. It is undoubtedly true that audiences prefer to hear a band play songs they love. However, we should not ignore the expert proficiency answer key pdf free download of hearing new tunes for the first time.

Reasons: poaching, hunting for the ivory trade, habitat loss; black bears: healthy population; dormice: not endangered but protected and vulnerable Many shows are now much more theatrical and the text rightly points out the buzz that they generate.

The texts correctly acknowledge that, although recorded music is evolving, live music will never die! In F, its extraction refers back to oil in para 2. In B, hundreds of such tribes refers back to some of their members of the Achuar tribe in para 3. The first sentence in para 4 defines the term uncontacted at the end of B. These few remaining tribes in C refers back to the tribes mentioned in para 4. In A, the first sentence is in contrast to the list of negative effects in para 6.

The final sentence, he is happy to bring me up to date, is followed by the facts and figures in para 7. His grandfather at the start of para 8, refers back to we visited a fisherman in D. Not widely used currently due to high costs involved to generate power in this way. NB Not A because toughest aspect of the job was parting from them; not C because animals were born in captivity Writing 1 p.

Many articles include more than one style e. Grammatical structures should include, where possible, some use of the passive, modals, conditionals, a range of tenses, verb structures, etc. This enhances the idea of the nervousness of this particular animal. This is also Улыбнуло! 3 bowl dog feeder for small dogs free эту example of metaphor, and alliteration when two or more consecutive words start expert proficiency answer key pdf free download the same sound or letter skulking: hiding or moving about secretly, especially with bad intentions.

The verb aptly describes this animal, which is a predator and hunter. The region жмите сюда abundant wildlife, incredible variety and is geographically important as many of the most important rivers in Asia begin in the Himalayas.

I was very lucky to spend a few weeks there recently. Starting in the south, I visited a national park in the foothills of the mountains where many rare species are protected. Within no time, we had seen the most amazing butterflies dancing over the bushes, then multicoloured parakeets circling overhead. In the evening, we saw peacocks strutting proudly in a clearing making the most incredible squawking sound. I went with a guide on foot looking for rhino and, after a couple of hours tracking them, we heard them on the other side of the bushes ahead of us.

The tension was unbearable. Finally, we glimpsed the grumpy beasts through a gap in the branches lazily drinking from a small stream. A week later, in a village in the mountains to the north, with white snow-capped peaks towering above me on all sides, I sat drinking tea with an old mountain guide who told me tales of how he had led expeditions to find yaks and snow leopards. It is a fascinating country with spectacular scenery and the /49102.txt home of many rare species that are indirectly protected by the tourists who go there to see them.

Expressing personal opinion: the one I feel most strongly about, to me it seems Summing up: So, all of those issues are important Green living — quite an experience! A is more descriptive, setting the scene, and B is more factual, giving the background. It was the first day of a fortnight spent as a volunteer on a farm to gain some experience of rural life. It would be two weeks picking organic fruit.

I was out of the city and staying on a farm with other young people like myself who had expert proficiency answer key pdf free download up in the heart of the city. Although I had never spent any time in the countryside, I had read many novels set in remote communities and had dreamt of an idyllic life getting back to nature. In my imagination, country life would be long expert proficiency answer key pdf free download days strolling through the fields, watching birds expert proficiency answer key pdf free download other wildlife and recharging my batteries with fresh country air.

Unfortunately, noone had told me how much hard work it would be! Each morning we were told what fruit we would be picking, how to tell if it was ripe enough and the correct way to pack it in containers.

We were given a target of how many kilos we were expected to pick per hour and then left in the baking sunshine to get on with it. The smell of the fresh fruit was marvellous and I soon learnt how to avoid the spiders and expert proficiency answer key pdf free download bugs and get straight to the crop. The best fruit expert proficiency answer key pdf free download to local shops and restaurants and the rest went to a local company that produced organic jams and sauces.

But whenever I found the perfect strawberry, I ate it! Although it was very hard work, I was never hungry as I have never eaten so much delicious fruit. As I trudged back to the farm house each evening, I had time to reflect on the natural existence and connection to the weather and the seasons that farm life brings. Exam practice 1 TRB p. Indeed, the first text claims a central place for rap in modern US culture, underlining the dynamic nature of both the music and its performers, contrasting this with the rather dull offerings of contemporary rock music.

It also makes the point that rap is no longer just a purely US phenomenon. Rap has had a considerable impact on the international music scene, where its exponents are now major stars. Although not a fan of rap music myself, I cannot disagree with these points. True, certain similarities are evident. Rap often rhymes for example, as do certain types of poetry, but to my mind, good poetry has a depth and sophistication that is a million miles away from the rather prosaic lyrics download windows iso 10 free full most rap songs.

The second text also outlines the great popularity of rap music. It tells us expert proficiency answer key pdf free download many hours the average teenager spends listening to rap, and compares this with time devoted to other activities. This writer, however, is concerned about the effects of rap, especially in the messages it conveys and the influence ссылка might have on the way young people think and behave.

Although some rap lyrics are rather strong, I think this is an over-reaction. In the s, the music of Elvis Presley was regarded as immoral; in the s it was The Beatles who were thought to corrupt the young. The simple fact is that the revolutionaries of today tend to become the establishment figures of tomorrow — and the same fate could well await rap artists. Module 3 Lead-in p. When strung посмотреть еще, these provide a structured адрес with which you may set about changing your attitude and raising your self-awareness and self-esteem.

Charlie thinks that /36920.txt have limited use as change must come from within. Extract 1 1 articles on websites 2 her understanding made her feel able to do something about the situation Extract 2 1 a book he had read in his teens that he found inspirational 2 personal problems with his parents, his teachers and his peers Extract 3 1 Emotional Intelligence tests 2 Self-evaluation 1 B so I persuaded myself that she must be right 2 B.

Criticism of the idea перейти Text 2 on the other hand goes beyond its lack of effectiveness, maintaining that for some people engineered happiness actually results in them being less successful as, for them, worrying is a helpful defence mechanism. What that taught me made me think that Language development 1 p.

Expert proficiency answer key pdf free download p. Ariana is weaker. Her answers are short, with little expansion, and she repeats a lot of the language that Jarek uses. She follows his lead, and does not invite him to interact or respond expert proficiency answer key pdf free download what she says. They both explain why the activities are relaxing, and expand by giving personal examples when appropriate. I was looking forward to seeing you.

Use of English 3 p.



Expert proficiency answer key pdf free download

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