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After installing the software Autodesk Revit each time that I try to run it, a popup appears: «License unavailable. Autodesk Revit is in We publish the best list of NFL streams on the Internet, for free! NFL Draft Live streams Please see the links below for more detail on the NFL


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Need help in using Revit to your advantage? Our team of Revit modeling experts can do the work for you. See our BIM services and how our Revit modeling services can benefit you.

If you are referencing or overlaying an external dwg, rvt, or other types of drawings files, make sure they are pinned down to ensure that these reference files do not shift and cause inaccuracies in modeling. You can pin objects by selecting the pin object icon under the Modify Tab, or by typing PN while the object is selected.

Pinned objects can also be set to not select or highlight when the cursor highlights over the pinned object. This is helpful when an extremely large external Revit model is linked to the working Revit model. Revit tries to visually highlight any elements that your cursor hovers over, and may take up some processing time when highlighting an extremely detailed element. Toggle it back on when you need to make adjustments to the pinned element. Pinned objects will show a thumbtack when selected.

Clicking the thumbtack will unpin the object. Need help from our BIM services experts? Sometimes when experiencing a hard time opening a project, make it easier by utilizing a splash screen. The default view to be opened is the Last Viewed. You can change this to a set view. To improve the boot up of Revit, create a new view or choose an existing view that does not display a lot of detail.

This reduces the processing time of the Revit file and lets you start working on the project much more quickly. Often times, you may need to find a specific object in the model, or select multiple of a similar object in the model. Use the Filter function to your advantage. Drag Select a region that will select all the elements you wish to select. Click the Filter button under the Modify Tab and uncheck all irrelevant objects.

Click OK and the objects that were left checked will be selected. This trick is especially useful in locating imported CAD Drawings that did not import to a correct scale. Simply type ZE to Frame all objects in the model space within the window and select all objects in the view. Filter and only check the box for the externally referenced CAD File. Usually a line with a Pin will indicate the location of the CAD file.

Sheets are used for printing, while views are actual workspaces that can be placed onto sheets for printing. A view can only be placed on one sheet, and cannot be used in multiple sheets at one time. In order to have a similar view placed in multiple sheets, you must duplicate the Views as Dependents and place the new view onto the sheet:.

Control where your line ends with greater precision by using the snap function. Oftentimes, there will be lines that do not meet at corners or over-extend due to the default auto-snap that Revit uses. If you are working in an area where a lot of linework is occurring, it is best to use the snapping feature and the TAB key to cycle through the available snap points in the area that your cursor is hovering over. Revit will indicate which lines are being used as references to the snap by highlighting the lines.

When building models, there are often times that changes to a model require one to shift multiple objects at once. Constraining certain elements of a model can aid in adjustments quickly.

Simply dimension two elements you want to be constrained and input the dimension you want to lock in. In the example below, I want the center of the door to always be 2 feet away from the wall to the right.

Lock in the dimension string and the object is now constrained. Now, every time the right wall shifts, the door will shift along with it to maintain the 2 feet distance. This is useful when overlaying CAD drawings to a floor plan view to draft as a reference. When linking CAD files with different colored layers, it may be visually difficult to draft over these drawings.

Override projection lines to a dull gray or even a single easily recognizable color to differentiate what a CAD drawing is and what a Revit model is. If you want to change an element throughout the Revit model, change the Visibility Settings instead. Additionally, be aware of what elements are being overridden. It is important to differentiate between Room Area tags and Area tags.

Utilize Room Area tags when defining rooms, such as any space enclosed by walls. Use the walls to frame the area, and use Room Separation lines to divide spaces with openings.

Do NOT use Area to calculate areas of rooms, as it will not populate in-room schedules correctly. Knowing when to create new Families and when to create new Types can make a world of a difference to how long Revit modeling will take. You can view Families and Types similar to that of animal kingdoms. Families are similar to a species of Animal Dog, Cat, Parrot, etc.

Types are similar to the breed of an animal Golden Retriever, Chihuahua, Bulldog. If you are going to model an object that will change in dimensions, or have certain elements that are visible and not visible in certain instances, then this should be differentiated by Type.

If the Family is going to be two completely different models i. Within an individual Family rests Types, which are different configurations of a Family. Set the Length, Width, and Height as dimension parameters in the Family. Load the Family into the model and create 3 different Types. There is the possibility that you can convert an entire CAD drawing into Revit linework by exploding the imported CAD file, but this is not recommended for drawings containing large amounts of linework, 3D elements, hatches, etc.

By choosing Pick Line and hovering over a specific line and tabbing through the selections, you can draw single Polylines from existing CAD drawings quickly. If you are modeling space with a lot of families in the model space, oftentimes you may accidentally double click families and enter the edit family window.

This can take up some of your time, especially when this mistake happens often during modeling. To avoid this issue, customize your double-click shortcut key by clicking on the Revit icon on the top left and clicking on Options. Hit OK and Apply these settings. To fix this, simply go to the Project Properties and adjust the View Range to a wider range. When viewing floor plans, you can change the view range under the Properties window and adjust it accordingly.

Anything outside of this range will be clipped from the plan. When building Revit Families, creating different models for different Levels of Details can help in how fast the Revit Model can function later on. When building a family, build a generic geometry such as a Box, Circle, or Linework to represent the Object and have it sit on top of the Detailed Model.

Select the Detailed Model and Group it as one object. Uncheck Coarse and Medium and click OK. Similarly, select the Basic Geometric model mentioned earlier and edit its Visibility so that only Coarse and Medium are checked. Now a simplified geometric model will be used in place of the detailed model when Revit Views are set to Coarse or Medium.

This can allow users to work on the Model Space quickly without the need for the computer to process the detailed family model constantly.

Adding two reference lines that intersect can act as a point of reference when placing views on sheets. Draw detail lines on the sheets for the views to snap to when placed on the sheet. You can specify representational colors for your models categorically through your visibility settings. You can be more specific by opening the tree down further and only specifying certain parts of the Family be a certain color. In the screenshot above, all ducts are set to show as red.

This will only affect the view currently opened. If you change views, this visibility needs to be set again. Any views that cut through an object such as a wall would show the Cut Lines and Cut Patterns. Linking Revit Files is essential in using external models as references in order to detect clashes between models. Make sure these Linked Revit Files are placed in the correct locations and are pinned down to ensure correct referencing.

The difference between Linking and Importing is the ability to update. Linking a CAD or Revit file will allow the Revit file to check the file and update if the reference file is changed at all. Imported files will not update and will stay the same as when it was imported. Make an effort to learn the keyboard shortcuts for common commands in Revit.

You may customize the shortcuts to your preference, but it is suggested you learn the existing shortcut layouts so you can work interchangeably with others easily. Oftentimes, you may not be able to fully comprehend a model in just a single view.

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