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Windows 10 disable cortana search bar free

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Jul 29,  · Follow the below steps to do it. 1) Open Cortana and go to Notebook->Settings. Or Search for “Cortana & Search Settings” in the search bar. 2) In the Settings, disable the first toggle. 3) Once you disable the Cortana toggle, you will have another toggle below to disable Search online feature. May 20,  · Method 1: Enable the Search Bar From Cortana’s Settings. If the issue has appeared after an upgrade to Windows 10 or after installing a major update, the start bar was most likely hidden by a change in Cortana’s settings. This is typically encountered with users who are using desktop mode and is quite a regular occurrence after applying the. Jul 31,  · Fortunately, that’s really simple. The search box will be enabled by default when you fire up Windows 10 for the first time. To make it .

Remove Cortana Search Bar and Task View Icon (Windows) – Windows 11 VS Windows 10: What’s the Difference?


Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Then, press hidden. Ok, I hope the next version of Windows gives me an option to remove the search bar permanently. Thank you for your help Kevin, I appreciate it! Please look at my screenshot. That is how to hide the search box in the taskbar. Just click on hidden.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Can someone help me please, I really want this annoying feature to go away permanently. I know how to disable it but I can still turn it on.

I’ve looked all over Google for a solution but none of them solved my problem. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Kevin Bart. Independent Advisor. Hi Van- I’m Kevin B. Independent advisor and a Windows 10 user like you. I do apologize for such problem that you have however when you say permanently you want to remove the feature totally gone even the settings and configuration on the Windows.

If that is the case we can’t actually do that since Cortana and search bar are build in features on Windows You can only disable it on some settings for you not to use it. If you are using Windows 10 Professional you can modify your group policy and disable Cortana. Double-click the policy named Allow Cortana. You can now close the group policy editor. Do not tackle this step unless you have experience editing the registry. Additionally, you should set a restore point now in case things go sideways.

To do that just follow these tips. Name it Windows Search. Now select that new key. Sign out, sign back in and you should notice that Cortana has been replaced with a generic search box After all this done you may still see Cortana on the taskbar and you need to kill the process. Hope this will help. Have a blessed day. Kevin B. Independent advisor.

Thanks for your feedback. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to Kevin Bart. Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply! I will try that out and I will tell you if it worked or not. I have one question: Is it possible to disable the option to search on web and photos permanently?

Hi Van- Thank you for updating. Yes, kindly try the said troubleshooting if it will resolve the issue. With regards on your 2nd concern some windows 10 version remove the option to disable the Windows search web but you may want to find it and give it a try: How to Disable Web Results in Windows 10 Search Note: In order to disable web results in search, you also have to disable Cortana.

Select the search box in Windows 10’s taskbar. Click the notebook icon in the left pane. Click Settings. Toggle «Cortana can give you suggestions. Toggle «Search online and include web results» to off. Have a blessed day! I inly see it in Cortana. Thank you! Hi Van- Thank you for your quick response and i do apologize that the icon is not there. As i’ve mentioned above, the indexing function for web search are not usually shows on other version of Windows If the version of Windows 10 that you have doesn’t have a notebook icon on the start menu i’m afraid that we don’t have an option to do that.

Have a good day! In reply to A. User’s post on June 26, Hi Van- Thank you for your kind feedback and yes we are all looking to that feature again! I hope this will come soon to make it easier to all of us. Have a blessed day Van. This site in other languages x.


How to Hide the Cortana Search Box on the Windows 10 Taskbar


One of the prominent new features in the task bar in Windows 10 is the Cortana search box to the right of the Start button. It’s a really great tool to have close at hand, but, it does also use up quite a bit of real estate. So, it’s understandable you might want to make it go away — especially if you can’t use Cortana right now. The search box will be enabled by default when you fire up Windows 10 for the first time.

To make it go away, follow these steps:. Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. Currently you’ll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Windows Central Windows Central.

Richard Devine. See all comments How to disable Cortana from the task bar in Windows 10 Preview? It’s very mean. I wouldn’t disable her, but I do like shrinking the box into icon only to conserve taskbar space. You can also just check «Use small taskbar buttons». This shrinks cortana to an icon, makes the icons smaller, and makes the taskbar slimmer.

It’s the ultimate if you care about conserving space. If you put the taskbar on the side it also shrinks it into an icon but a regular size along with the others. I use the TB on the side too. Shows all open windows in «portrait» mode and more on one line.

Good for mutiple screens use if the TB is between the screens. Less mouse travel back and forth. Some language builts can’t use Cortana and Cortana is still on the task bar. So, I can see why some would want to get rid of it. Seems like a more interesting article would be, how to change settings to enable Cortana in your region Only way is changing region to US or some other region that has Cortana.

I might I dont have a microphone hooked up to my computer, so it’s not usefull unless I want to talk to her. So on the desktop, not sure I need her like on my phone You can search web based stuff with Cortana, and soon she’ll be built into Spartan. I like that since more recent builds you can continue to work whilst interacting with Cortana using voice.

I’ve been replying to a message about going out for a meal and asked Cortana if I was busy on that day whilst typing the rest of my response, rather than switching to my calendar to check and it worked quite nicely. There needs to be a way to tell Cortana which account to send an email from at the time of sending it but I think that’s useful to send a quick email without switching out of Visual Studio.

Example, email a customer to tell them I was readying a fix, without leaving Visual Studio to go into the mail app. Okay get the moron. The title is misleading How is the title misleading? Forever aloneness at its best.

Dude get a hobby That would be great! Why not just watch the event Microsoft just had showcasing it? I did, but a non-biased, more in depth review would be nice. Because that shit was long and really boring. They needed more excited people there to make it more exciting to watch.

It was kind of pathetic. Reminds me of when Windows 8 first came out and all people was like «How to disable metro UI? Well, there’s no point in having her enabled when the only message we get is «In not available in your region» is there? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. So Cortana on PC is the exact same as on phone? I dont see a problem enabling her to all and who wish to speak in English to her he will and who not, the person will simply disable her.

So I dont understand this move from MS. Maybe it is to prevent the spam of whines like «Why cant she speak my language». I think they want to give her more info about the local region so that cortana can truely be personal, not just a simple assistant. If they open it up without region specific knowledge everyone starts to say that cortana isn’t personal and just the same as other assistants.

It can’t just be the need for regional information because UK users have no Cortana in Windows 10, but she seems to have plenty of regional info on my phone.

In that case you’re right and i don’t know why it should not be available there. Even in the UK you don’t get Cortana, even though we speak English as our native language and already have Cortana on phones.

Cortana and Bing are the two products that I can think of that don’t get as much attention outside of the US region in general. The gets it from a quick update update which gave it 8. Exactly – and to rub salt in the wound, it then shows me a picture from my region! Metro UI was very non-user-friendly for pc users.

It is just like any other application that runs on the desktop. Why would you do that? Unless you are one of those «i prefer win 7 and i’m too dumb to learn anything new» sheep.

Well because Cortana does not work in most parts of the World. Until Microsoft starts to think globally, and delivers Cortana globally most of us will be cancelling this feature. Yep Cortana doesn’t work for example here in Finland so of course I disabled it.

I don’t do anything with regular search, it’s just waste of space. You have to remember that siri only had US and UK at this point. Microsoft are giving every country a proper reigonalised experience. And you still say Microsoft don’t think globally :.

Cortana is NOT available in Portugal. Your list of countries doesn’t make it ‘global’, which is why he said what he did. Some of this regionalizing of the speaking voice is just delaying things. Did you read it? Of course you didn’t because you’re one of those «I post on articles after reading the title» sheep.

Ever heard of never change a running system. Wow Shobin Drogan you’re really an ignorant troll. Do you just search for articles with titles you disagree with so you can insult people and make yourself feel as if you’re smart?

If you don’t need the answer to the question, move on. First I need cortana for my phone.. Then I will see how it works in lap. I see what you did there, nasty boy! U sir have a nasty brain What’s up with you Indians calling everybody Sir. C’mon that’s so weird. Since I did and update two months ago to get the new preview, my laptop is stuck on a bootloop. Can someone help me? I’m sure someone in the forums can. Where is the Cortana language roadmap?

I would love to see to which countries she’s coming to next. You can properly just Wiki a list of countries with the most inhabitants and work your way down to your country.

Just set to show search icon and your taskbar will never be the same, i love Cortana icon that halo. Ask for the halo instead of the magnifying glass in Feedback? It is a halo if you have Cortana enabled without the search bar. If your pc language and region is set to anything other than English U. In my opinion, if you installed the tech preview, disabling the search icon should be a no brainer.

Tech preview is for the curious. On the other hand though, anybody knows how to make start and taskbar transparent as per the screenshots?

I think it’s just not possible in this build.


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